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Standard Marker - Upside Down

SprayWell's Upside Down Markers are designed to work when held and sprayed pointing downward e.g. for making a mark on the ground.

  • SprayWell Upside Down Marker is semi permanent and highly visible.
  • Fast-drying
  • Suitable for use on a variety of surfaces including; logs and timber (dry or damp), grass, gravel, cement, steel drums, roads, plastic wrap and more.
  • Toluene-free formula

  • SprayWell Upside Down cans are only available with one nozzle designed to be sprayed upside down. The nozzle leaves a standard round mark.

Cans contain 400ml
  • Shake can until mixing ball rattles freely, then for a further 20 seconds.
  • Hold can upright and spray 20 - 30 cm from the surface.
  • After use, turn the can upright and spray until the valve clears of paint.

Note: Colours are indicative only.
Upside Down Spray Marker
Construction, Landscaping
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The Line Marker Trolley is specially designed to help you apply Upside-down Spraymarkers either in a straight line or freehand.

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