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Highway Line Marker

This fast drying, permanent, alkyd-based paint in aerosol form, has been specifically designed for road or line marking.
  • Marking roadways or car park areas.
  • Marking of playing surfaces (tennis courts, netball courts, etc.)
  • Making of concrete surfaces.
  • Fire hydrant delineation.


Highway Line Markers come in two nozzle varieties depending on the colour; a spot nozzle for writing and a fan nozzle which is ideal for consistent lines.

  • White and Yellow: Available in both fan and spot nozzles.
  • Black: Available in spot nozzle only.
  • Red and Blue: Available in fan nozzles.
Below is a representation of the mark left when sprayed out of the nozzle onto a surface.



Cans contain 600 ml
  • Shake can until mixing ball rattles freely, then spray onto the surface to be marked.
For upside down cans only: 
  • Hold can unside down and spray.
  • Adjust the line width by lifting or lowering the can from the surface.
  • After us, hold can upright and spray until valve clears.

  • Can be used with the SprayWell Line Marker Trolley

Note: Colours are indicative only.
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