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DuraGlaze is a clear, permanent coating designed to be applied over the top of SprayWell Highway Line Marker and Damar solvent based liquid paints.
  • Basecoat for SprayWell Highway Line Marker 
    Using as a base coat will prime the surface to increase adhesion and make the line last longer.
  • Overcoat SprayWell Highway Line Marker
    Overcoat lines to add extra protection and enhance the longevity.
    Use as an overglaze for acrylic coatings or for pebble floor coatings.
  • Decorative Concrete Sealing
    Use for sealing and sand retention on newly laid pavers and cobblestones, concrete, unglazed tiles and brickwork.
    Can also be used to help protect building exteriors that are subject to constant wear and handling.

 Cans contain 600 ml
  • Shake can until mixing ball rattles freely, then spray onto the surface to be marked.
For upside down cans only: 
  • Hold can unside down and spray.
  • Adjust the line width by lifting or lowering the can from the surface.
  • After us, hold can upright and spray until valve clears.

  • Can be applied with the SprayWell Line Marker Trolley

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